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Legends say that the cradle of Elven civilisation lies in an island to the sharp south. Once a temperate paradise, the elves of the Old Kingdom spent their long lives working wonders and creating beauty on their island home, trading freely with the younger races along the edge of the sea. All this changed when the Long Winter began, a freeze that grew colder and colder until speech and song froze in the air itself. The cold drove the elves from their island, then gradually further and further north. Dispossessed and driven into the lands of other races, the elves have struggled to regain their birthright ever since.

You have, for reasons known only to yourself, have taken up the offer of a professional guide in order to venture forth into the icy wastes surrounding the Old Kingdom. You may be working with your companions, or your goals may be your own. Either way, you must make it to the Old Kingdom.

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Main Page

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